About Us

Sophie Paillard-Elkin

Sophie Paillard-ElkinBorn and raised in Reims, the cultural and economic hub of the Champagne region in France, I first came to the US as a student, in the late ’70s. I moved from a vibrant college campus in the Latin Quarter in Paris to an equally vibrant one, filled with alligators and Spanish moss, in the heart of Cajun Country, Louisiana. I cheerfully traded the Seine for the Mississippi bayous and the baroque quartets for my favorite Cajun bands. This experience only fostered my thirst for knowledge and adventure, leading me to Northern Africa, the Middle East, other parts of Europe, and Latin America. I moved to NYC in the early ’80s and from there, chose to raise my family on an organic farm outside of Geneva, surrounded by wildlife, wildflowers and, until recently, wild children. As a decorative artist and painter, trained both in France and the US by internationally acclaimed artists, I pick up my paint brush whenever possible. My passion for art is mirrored by that for historic preservation and sustainable design. When I am not painting, renovating, or managing Left Bank, I am hiking the Adirondack high peaks on a quest to become a 46er. While my calendar keeps me in line, my backpack keeps me on the alert.

Steph Annear

Steph AnnearI spent my first eighteen years in northern California, and often laugh that I really began to learn about wine in crisp, upstate New York. After college I moved to Madrid where I worked as an English teacher and in a variety of odd jobs, my favorite being a weekend stint in Portugal as a fortune-teller. I later moved to Boston and was fortunate to land “the dream job I didn’t know existed” where I traveled to over 50 countries surveying the cost of living around the globe. I now have a string of crazy stories… charades in a Shanghai supermarket, an airline strike in Douala, fried tarantula legs in Vientiane… to last a lifetime. In 2011 I moved to Geneva and joined a wonderful team at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. Now I am thrilled to be working with Sophie at Left Bank. Although both transplants to the gorgeous Finger Lakes, my husband and I are proud to be raising two locals, our sons.